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Welcome to Baltimore School
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Welcome to Baltimore School
Home of the Broncos


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Southern Shore Sounds

April 29 - May 3 Baltimore School will be hosting its own live radio station!  For one week, you will get the opportunity to tune in to 'Southern Shore Sounds' - 96.3 FM.  For five days from 2:00 - 8:00 tune in to listen to students from Baltimore School, local entertainers, community members - young and old alike!  It's sure to be a great week - scheduled events and entertainers will folllow in the coming days.  To find out more check out  http://www.ryakuga.net


Music Played 24hours a day - live from 2:00 - 8:00

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Newsletter April 12, 2013



(Grade 9 Math Tutoring)

Introducing a PILOT program in online tutoring for Grade 9 Math. Available to any grade 9 math student in Newfoundland and Labrador. Please visit the CDLI - Center for Distance Learning and Innovation website. www.cdli.ca/tutoring/ . Click Launch Free Online Tutoring to access this program.

(Senior High School Tutoring)

High school students can also visit the CDLI website for assistance with World Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Science 1206, Biology, English, and French.


Evaluation Policy

The school evaluation policy is posted on our website.  A note containing the important points was sent home earlier this year.  It is important to know that a student is allowed to only miss one test due to sickness.  The second time they are absent for a test, a doctor’s note must be provided upon arrival back to school, otherwise the mark is a ‘0’ for that test.

For a copy of the Student Evaluation Policy - click here


Cell Phone Use

Until this year cell phones have been a non-issue at our school, however, with improved technology we now have cell phone service at the school.  This has created a problem in that student use of the cell phone during class time generated undo distractions to others.  The school policy is that for the first offense, students will have the phone confiscated by the teacher and sent to the office.  The phone will only be returned when a parent/guardian drops by the school to retrieve the cell phone.  The second offense will result in the suspension of the student for one day.  The purpose of this policy is not to enforce punishment, but to ensure the classroom learning environment is safe from disruptions.  Students are encouraged to use their cell phones during recess, lunch and after school.


Parents Dropping off Students at School

To ensure the safety of all students, we ask that parents not drive onto the school parking lot during arrival and dismissal times for students.  No private vehicles are permitted to travel on the road at the rear of the building. Busses are expected to arrive at school at 8:15 in the morning and depart at 2:55 in the afternoon.  For no reason is any vehicle to be parked in the fire lane at the front of the building.  Parents have often neglected this emergency lane as they park there to pick up their child or to drop something off at the general office.  Any vehicle found to be parked in this emergency lane, with a driver still in the vehicle or not, and for any length of time, will be reported to the local RCMP.  The safety of your children is our greatest concern.


Parents Visiting School During the Day

All parents and visitors who come to the school to see their children or to drop off items to them during the school day are to check in at the general office.  No parent is permitted to move throughout the building to classrooms.  Once again, the safety of your children is our greatest concern.  An environment where adults are moving freely about in and out of a building filled with young children is not safe.


Severe Allergies

We have students and teachers with severe allergies at our school. A reaction to certain products and foods could prove to be very harmful for several of our students, and in some cases they could even prove to be fatal.  For this reason the school has been declared free of any source of peanuts, all fish and all perfumes, aftershaves and colognes.


Early Dismissals

If your child has an appointment or a valid reason to leave school early, please send a note to school indicating the time that they are being picked up and who is to pick them up.  Due only to sickness or an emergency will students be permitted to call home for an early dismissal.  In the past the number of early dismissals has been quite large, especially on Fridays.  Classes do go ahead as scheduled on Friday afternoons at Baltimore School and parents are strongly encouraged to ensure their children are indeed in class.



Cafeteria Menu

Chartwell’s has updated its daily menu with more and upgraded offerings.  The new menu can be viewed here. 

Chartwells Menu Pg 1

Chartwells Menu Pg 2




The Tutoring for Tuition program provides Level I, II and III students with the opportunity to obtain a post-secondary tuition voucher by providing tutoring services to students from K-12 in all areas.  Parents/guardians, who feel this service would be beneficial, are asked to submit their child’s name for tutoring assistance to their homeroom teacher or Ms. Gosse (Guidance Counsellor. 

Tutoring services are available at the school from 2:45–3:45 Mon thru Thur.



Our recycling program is in full swing again this year. Drop off day is Wednesday. We accept the following beverage containers: pop bottles and cans, juice packs, juice bottles, and liquor bottles. We cannot recycle milk containers. Please remove caps and straws from beverage containers and place glass bottles in a box. Recyclables may be dropped off at the front entrance on Wednesday.


Scholarship Information

A reminder to grade 12 students and their parents, that there are many scholarship opportunities for students that intend to pursue post-secondary studies next year.  Please contact the Guidance Counsellor, Ms. Gosse, for more information.


Phone Use:

The school has a public pay phone in its lobby area.  This is the phone that students are expected to use.  The phones in the general office are for teacher use only, except in cases where a student is sick and needs to call for a parent to pick them up. The school has only two lines and neither of these should be tied up with students placing orders at restaurants and calling home asking for permission to leave school early and the like.  Cell phones are becoming more of an issue each year.  The cell phones are not to be used during class time.  They become a distraction for all students.  Please do not phone or text your child during school time.  If a student is using the cell phone during class time, the phone will be confiscated by the teacher and it will only be returned to a parent/guardian.  We must work together to ensure this issue does not become a distraction.










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